I’m crying at so many reposts.

五十音式 - SU : Suizokukan



An orca plagued by depression, a stingray with a chalazion*,
a starfish with peripheral nervous system paralysis,
an anthropophobic* sea turtle, a dolphin with a speech impediment,
a seahorse with spinal caries,
and a school of tuna spreading tuberculosis
make their rounds through the fish tank as they cry.
Looking up and seeing this, I
watch from the other side of the diffusive water’s surface and grow sleepy.
By the time I realize it, I, too, am drifting underwater.
When I hummed a song, it turned to bubbles which rose up,
and the orca, the stingray, the starfish, the sea turtle, the dolphin,
the seahorse, and the school of tuna
all took pleasure in it and swam around as they pleased.
The fish tank is in a manic state.
Settling to the bottom, I wouldn’t mind not being with anyone ever again.

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五十音式 - SHI : Jiku



Wanting to be the center of the world, I become an axis and turn round and round.
Without seeing anything, without hearing anything, I become an axis and turn round and round.

Round and round and round and round and round
                        Round and round and round and round and round

I can’t see anyone’s eyes anymore, I can’t hear anyone’s voices anymore.
I felt like I was used to it, so I stopped turning.
“I’m all right now.”
On its own accord, the world is turning round and round me as an axis.
Laughing, in a dizzying spiral, I’m falling———————————.

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五十音式 - SA : Saru



Let’s go to the zoo late at night.
Let’s jump the tall wire fence and trespass.
Let’s try to climb Monkey Mountain when we find it.
Let’s sit atop it and smoke cigarettes.
When we’re satisfied with our compensatory act,
let’s go home before the guard comes back.

五十音式 - KO : Kotoba



I feel bad for some reason
I think I’m going to be sick

Vomit, vomit, vomit,
and at last the strange antibodies form,
and my blood steadily
thickens, thickens, thickens,
and there isn’t enough oxygen,
(the goldfish in the fish tank are belly-up.),
and while gasping, gasping, gasping,
my voice escaped

The words dismantle me
The song connects them

Falling to pieces is terrifying
Fall       ing      t
                           o    pie
                                               c es